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Natural Alpaca Brew Tea Bags 3 Packs

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House plants, container plants, vegetable garden, cannabis, hemp and outdoor flowers & gardens.

Alpaca Manure is one of the best manures on the market because it is chock-full of all the macronutrients necessary for vigorous plant growth and it doesn’t need to be composted before use. This means alpaca manure, better known as “Green Beans,” can go straight from the field to the garden which is extremely helpful because you don’t have to wait 6-9 months before use. These “beans” are small concentrated pellets of all three macronutrients (NPK) that slow-release over time as they integrate with the soil which make them great for feeding long-flowering plants. It’s this slow release combined with the general low organic matter content that allows alpaca manure to be applied directly to plants.

Alpaca manure can be used by directly applying into your indoor and outdoor container gardens with the Root Warrior.  Or directly to the soil in gardens or making a compost tea for soil drenching.

How to make Natural Brew Alpaca Tea

You'll need a One Gallon size container with lid.

Add 1 Natural Brew Alpaca Tea Bag to container.

Fill with warm water and tighten lid.

Brew for 24 hours or 12 hours in the sun, reaching a rich tea color.

Remove the Alpaca Tea Bag and feed your plants.

Sprinkle used beans around outside plants, or add to your compost pile.

Always wash your hands after handling any garden product.

How much should you use?

  • Alpaca tea works great for container gardens, raised beds, and houseplants
  • Water every two weeks to ensure good healthy root growth.
  • Indoor Container Plants do well with a once a month watering schedule.
  • Blend Alpaca Beans into soil when transplanting houseplants.
  • Outdoor Container gardens and raised beds should be on a bi-monthly feeding schedule.
  • Sprinkle Alpaca Beans around shrubs, trees, bushes to provide a slow release all-natural fertilizer for your plants all year long.