Adopt Lashes

Adopt Lashes

  • $85.00

Adopt Lashes – Born in 2007 and a gentle giant! Lashes is one of the bigger boys, calm and dignified.  He likes to lead the trek and will look after everyone, keeping watch!  He will not take any carrots while he is ‘working’, but as soon as his head collar is off, he will enjoy his share.  He is very good with children.

When you purchase an adoption pack, whether for yourself or as a gift idea, we will prepare and send you the following:

Included in our Adoption Pack

Gift certificate

A high quality, personalised certificate with the recipient’s name, signed by us.

Alpaca biography and photo

You’ll get a photo and a biography of Lashes, such as where he's from and his quirky and unique personality.

Seasonal newsletters

You’ll get seasonal updates on all the Alpacas.

Christmas cards

You’ll receive special Avalon Alpaca Christmas cards from Lashes.