Plant Warrior

Root Warrior for Container Gardens

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Turn Any Pot into a Warrior
What Size Pot?
SMALL ROOT WARRIOR:   3 to 7 Gallon
Height of at least 7.0 inches.
MEDIUM ROOT WARRIOR:   7 to 15 Gallon
Height of 10 inches or more.
LARGE ROOT WARRIOR:   15 to 25 Gallon
Height of 16 inches or more.

Aeration chamber achieves dramatic results with no additional care. This aeration technology balances water and oxygen without an expensive regimen of special media and chemical treatments.

Natural Alpaca Fertilizer with the Root Warrior and your plants grow larger and faster, all while using less soil.

Garden Soil Recommended.  Do not use Potting Soil.  Green Technology, mechanical aeration. No Chemicals.

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The Root-Warrior is compatible with the majority of plant containers on the market.  Including Fabric Pots.